Hi, remember me? I want to say something funny.

“Introductions are not in order. They’re chaotic.”


So after a brief period of silence, the Picture Michigan website is back. With a fresh start. Ugh. Fresh start is my way of saying everything from the previous version of the website is gone.

OPPORTUNITY! The blog will showcase past and present projects.


So what’s up with the picture?

I think I want to say that it’s a definition. “Hi, I’m Jon Jacobson, and this is Picture Michigan.”

It’s a sunset. In black and white.

Perhaps it’s a rebellion against the ubiquitous posts we see on facebook. Like it’s the last sunset we’ll ever see. The reality is that this scene is displayed the way I saw it before I pressed the shutter. The light. The contrast. The drama. Oh, okay, rebellion too. Breaking the rules.

Welcome back! I am genuinely humbled that you’ve joined me. Thank you.

– Jon