Concert at McGraft Park

August 5, 2021 – MUSKEGON

It’s just me. Every time I go out for recreation lately, I feel like I’ve emerged from an underground bunker. “This seems weird,” I think to myself, digging deep to recall a pre-pandemic life.

The crowd tonight had a sense of elated cheer. The air was humid, the temperature was warm, the band was hot!

Players with horns. Singers with pipes. The Westside Soul Surfers. They’re certainly good enough to make it big. The passion is there. Must be that they all have a daytime job and doing alright? Did Mark Knopfler write a song about them?

Anyway, the Park was packed with plenty of comfortable elbow room. I already mentioned elated cheer. As I looked around, it all seemed more like 2019 than 2021. Except the cheer was a bit, well, more elated.

I’m sure it’s just me. A fish out of water. Now how does this camera thing work again?

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  • Jon