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Conferences and Conventions and Trade Shows and Festivities of all kinds.

PEOPLE EVENTS in the business world is an extension and presentation of identities and brands.

Photography by Picture Michigan is the solution to document and show off the excitement and energy of any gathering where people are involved in a common idea.


Someone has well defined art as “Nature seen through a temperament.” Artists are born, not made; they are born with a temperament which enables them to see in nature a subtle beauty, a grandeur and glory that escape the notice of the common observer. It is the province of the artist to open the eyes of those who are blind to the beauty that lies all around them on every hand. The true artist is a poet; he is born with a mind sensitive to impressions and sentiments awakened by beauty, and he studies and practices from nature to obtain such an intimacy with the facts and forms and color as shall enable him to convey to others by means of a statue or picture that which he so deeply feels; but no amount of study or practice can make one an artist who has not been born of the spirit of art.

– Horace R Burdick

This is a quote that is very near and dear. In the grand scheme of things, it matters only to me that such an idea drives my sense of direction. Photography is simply not art. And I am not going to make any claim that it is. (Certainly art can be made with photography.) However, I humbly take pride in knowing when I deliver a product, it comes from a small instinctive part of me that is the spirit and study of art.
– Jon