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About Picture Michigan

"Hi, I'm Jon Jacobson, and this is Picture Michigan!"

Over the past 15 plus years, like anything else, Picture Michigan has seen many changes. It started out as a website showing off my photography of my favorite state: Michigan. It was an instant success, selling photos as wall art and stock photography.

And next thing you know, I'm shooting weddings and portrait sessions. I find it humbling to see your stories we've told and created and shared together.

This next era of Picture Michigan is the most exciting so far. As time goes on, I will share why I consider this an exciting time in the blog. Stay tuned!


And for the sake of being a little fun (read: silly), this is just a collection of dumb ol' selfies ala Brady Bunch. Right? 🙂

Jon Jacobson

Information and Price List

... tons of details coming soon. Here's the wedding package price.