Autumn Muskegon River

This is kind of fun. South of Big Rapids is a bluff overlooking the Muskegon River. These shots I took just before sunrise this morning and again shortly after noon. Typically it should be cooler this time of year. It’s nice enjoying the summer weather today!

Muskegon River Muskegon River




Pinta and Niña in Muskegon

This was too cool. Seriously! Unexpectedly, I felt giddy like a little kid. A couple of the Columbus-voyage replicas sailed into port.

Either we were being invaded by Spain — or Muskegon was discovered.

I spent some time chatting with the crew and hearing some of their stories. Some interesting tidbits; while they are “at sea” on the great lakes, they are close enough to shore to frequently have mobile phone coverage.

While in port they sleep in the ships. And they do make it into town to find the local restaurants and pubs. They are sailors, right?



Fireworks – Happy Independence Day

Fireworks are such a unique photography experience because of the sheer challenge of keeping it interesting and fresh. I think this collection is by far my favorite because the show started earlier than normal, allowing just enough natural daylight from the sunset to compete for attention.

And then last night, some more fireworks.

fw5905 fw5908

Who doesn’t LOVE watching fireworks?!?!




Pictured Rock National Lakeshore

It’s easy to find nearly any locale in the Upper Peninsula and simply spend a week there. One of my favorites is Munising. While you’re in the middle of the wild north, you’re also not far from a toilet paper factory. Nature and civilization collide!

Here are a few favorite shots from the lens of Picture Michigan.

Winter Waterfalls in an almost Winter Wonderland

Now that we’re in the heart of winter, I’m recalling the day when Michigan license plates included the tagline: Winter Wonderland. Taken from the past several years, these waterfalls are in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Gorge Falls, Bond Falls, Munising Falls and Wagner Falls.



A West Michigan Wedding Photography Coffee Table Book

There is so much to say here. This particular gallery is the layout design of a Coffee Table Book I designed as part of the Picture Michigan wedding photography package. It is also a chance to display an entire wedding.

The Wedding Story

What an incredible day this was for the Bride & Groom — Bill & Marie!

A few years ago, a stranger and I were chatting, and when I mentioned I photograph weddings she posed the question: “I bet you see a lot of dirt and have some ugly stories to tell with all those bridezillas huh?”

Quite the contrary! When I heard this question, my thoughts immediately raced to the last picture in this coffee table book. The band in the background jamming on the final chord of the last song of the night. The day of celebration officially concluded. And there’s the Bride, beaming ear to ear, hugging her dad.

That is a moment in time that will never ever leave me. I still get a little choked up telling that story. There are so many wonderful and magnificent stories I can share with words and have shared with pictures.

At the end of the day it’s a unique sensation of pride and humility for me. I am proud that I was able to be there and record the story. And I am humbled that I was able to be a part of that story, and witness it unfold in front of me.

The Wedding Book

This one is a unique one. It is a hundred pages. That’s really really big. Most are forty pages. This one has a seamless spread of about 13″x20″. Most have a magazine style seam with a 10″x20″ spread. No matter the size, it is always a gloriously beautiful portrayal of a grand celebration.

The signature at the bottom of each slide is for the website and does not appear in the actual book.