August 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Lake Michigan

Our August Calendar Desktop Wallpaper returns us to the Lower Peninsula and Lake Michigan in Muskegon. This is one of two lights at the Pere Marquette beach, the South Pier Light to be specific.

August 2014 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
August 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
Muskegon Pier Light on Lake Michigan

The story attached to this photo is one that is behind the scenes. I started with a blank canvas like a painter standing in front of the easel. The process began in the backyard and looking up at the sky. “It looks like a nice sunset tonight.” Then checking online for the time of the sunset and the location of the sun on the horizon during sunset and consulting a map app to determine the exact location I should be standing. As the artist, I knew I could not control where the source of light would be located, but I knew I could control my location. And then I knew I needed to frame the scene for the final composition.

When I got to my spot, I was pleasantly surprised to find another photographer set up in the exact same location! Not only did I make an awesome photo, I made a new friend.