Art Deco Calendar Desktop Wallpaper | January 2019

Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium facade
Picture Michigan Calendar Desktop Wallpaper | Civic Auditorium in Grand Rapids

This is a portion of the front facade and lobby of the 1933 Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium. Also known as the George Walsh Auditorium, this piece of historic Art Deco architecture was preserved during the 2003 demolition of the auditorium. Today it is part of the Devos Place Convention Center, which opened in 2004.

An alternative feature for this month is historically three years older than the auditorium. The 1930 Muskegon South Breakwater Light taunts Mother Nature by standing tall in the frozen landscape.

– Jon

Winter scene of Muskegon South Break Light
Picture Michigan Calendar Desktop Wallpaper | Ice Wrapped Light at Muskegon on Lake Michigan


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