Wedding Tip — Get an Emcee

This one is perhaps the most important wedding tip I can pass along. It comes up during the first meeting I have with the bride and groom.

Wedding Tip - Have an MC
Wedding Tip – Have an MC

Having an Emcee is important. And, it is very very important. Also referred to as the Master and/or Mistress of Ceremony, this is your project manager for the day. Important important important!

I like to joke about this person being the bossy cousin or aunt that likes to carry around a clipboard. But seriously, this Emcee is not introducing the opening band. The role of this person or persons is to be on top of every little detail throughout the day. They know where the rings are, they know all the immediate family members for photos, they have all the vendors phone numbers, they hand out the checks if needed. They work with the vendors that are on site regarding timing for cake cutting and first dance and ceremony start-time.

The persons taking on this role must absolutely know their importance.

And for me, as the photographer, this person is my BEST FRIEND for the day!

There’s a little more to the story behind the photo here. This is Jenn and Marie. Marie is the bride. (duh, right?) Should I also mention that it was Jenn’s birthday? (again, duh, right?) Jenn was also the Mistress of Ceremony. With that in mind I hope the photo tells the story. Additionally, it’s worth expressing that the bride is the star of the day. The Emcee is the hard working grunt of the day. Both require a boatload of humility.

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