Wedding Tip — Consider a Band

This is one of those wedding tips that is not really a money saving tip. Sometimes, some things are worth paying for. That is, if you can swing it. Hire a band for your wedding reception.

I’ve photographed a ton of weddings and various events. I’ve seen a lot (and fortunately I’ve not seen it all!).

A D.J. for the receptions is always a great way to go. With the right experience, a D.J. can make or break a celebration. In my years of shooting weddings, I hate to say, there has been a D.J. or two that just did not cut the mustard.

A band providing the music at the reception has always gone great. A great band with wedding and event experience is key here. It adds an extra touch of class for that special day that is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.


Ricky Nalett and Nikki Fowler of Life Support
Ricky Nalett and Nikki Fowler of Life Support


I do have a band out of Lansing that is at the top of my recommendation list. They are Life Support.

And I do have a D.J. I recommend also. He’s just as good as any band you could hire.

Based in Grand Rapids, his name is Larry McLain, an experienced radio guy and wedding guy. Larry has a graceful balance of class and fun. He doesn’t have a website, but please contact me for his phone number.

Larry McLain Wedding Reception DJ
Larry McLain


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