November 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Bond Falls

This photo if from one of my most favorite photography days ever. Easily top 50! This was day three of a three-day trip to photograph autumn colors in the Upper Peninsula. The colors were extremely limited. However, Bond Falls had some serious awesomeness going on! A fresh blanket of increasing snow.

November 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
November 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
Bond Falls

It was arresting and stunning, and it was not easy to leave.

October 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Empire Bluffs

Seen in the background is the Empire Bluffs. There are some hiking trails back there and the views are breathtaking. From those vantage points, looking north, you can see the dunes and bluffs of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. That’s where this picture was taken, looking south.

October 2014 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
October 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
Empire Bluffs on Lake Michigan

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September 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Manabezho Falls

If you love exploring waterfalls you will love this part of the Upper Peninsula. A couple of rivers a few miles apart; the Black River and this one, the Presque Isle River. You can park your car near each waterfall for a short hike or make it a couple of longer hikes through rugged trails. The thing about these hikes, is that there’s a reward at the end of each trail. It’s cool to enjoy a hike in the wilderness. It’s way cooler when there’s a prize involved — and it’s a prize that teases you as you approach a thunderous roar.

September 2014 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
September 2015 Calendar Wallpaper
Manabezho Falls on the Presque Isle River in the Porcupine Mountains

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August 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Lake Michigan

Our August Calendar Desktop Wallpaper returns us to the Lower Peninsula and Lake Michigan in Muskegon. This is one of two lights at the Pere Marquette beach, the South Pier Light to be specific.

August 2014 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
August 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
Muskegon Pier Light on Lake Michigan

The story attached to this photo is one that is behind the scenes. I started with a blank canvas like a painter standing in front of the easel. The process began in the backyard and looking up at the sky. “It looks like a nice sunset tonight.” Then checking online for the time of the sunset and the location of the sun on the horizon during sunset and consulting a map app to determine the exact location I should be standing. As the artist, I knew I could not control where the source of light would be located, but I knew I could control my location. And then I knew I needed to frame the scene for the final composition.

When I got to my spot, I was pleasantly surprised to find another photographer set up in the exact same location! Not only did I make an awesome photo, I made a new friend.

July 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Porcupine Mountains

This is the Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains. It is a designated State Wilderness Area, tucked away in the western Upper Peninsula. And by “tucked away,” I mean, Detroit is closer to Baltimore than this location.

July 2014 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
July 2015 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper
Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains

This view is an easy drive up the escarpment and is even wheelchair accessible from the parking area. Or, it’s also some beautiful and somewhat rugged hiking!

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