Year In Review – Muskegon 2016

This is something entirely different. Different for me anyway!

In the previous and now lost era of this blog, the year-in-review was simply a series of still photos, and occasionally a video of still photos. Well, this year is a video of videos. I call it -- my labor of love.

This video is one giant personal project, which is really a bunch of little personal projects. Or, let's call it one giant music video, which is really a bunch of little music videos. Let's be totally open here, it's also really long. 14 minutes, plus closing credits and outtakes.

It's 100% Muskegon, highlighting some of the things that makes this town great:
- Lakeshore Art Festival
- Rebel Road Bike Rally
- Pere Marquette Beach & Beach Volleyball
- The Singing Christmas Tree
- Parties in the Park
- Unity Christian Music Festival
- etc

Jump on in, turn up the music. And SUBSCRIBE to the Picture Michigan YouTube channel for more!

- Jon