May 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Scott Fountain in Detroit

This is the James Scott Memorial Fountain on Belle Isle in Detroit.

It's one of those curiosities that fuels my fascination and love for Detroit! This piece of art is big, ornate, stunningly beautiful. And it bares the name of a man that was legendarily unscrupulous. (I'm probably being kind here.)

James Scott bequested his wealth to the city of Detroit with the stipulation of this memorial. It was built in 1925, which was the beginning Detroit's brief status of world-class city.

What should be a centerpiece and crown jewel in Detroit, is tucked away off the beaten path. Enjoined by only a handful. And occasionally seen on TV during the Detroit Grand Prix.

- Jon


May 2017 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

May 2017 Calendar Desktop WallpaperScott Fountain in Detroit